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12:44pm on Friday, 9th December, 2011:

Weekends Only


I've just cancelled delivery of The Guardian on Mondays to Fridays. Following the price hike I moaned about in September, I put it on notice. Since then, things have got worse, not better. Its reporting is too biased (even bad governments sometimes do the right thing, but The Guardian never gives this one credit for anything); it has endless articles on "lifestyle" topics of no interest to me (or, indeed, to anyone else as far as I can tell); it's patronising; it's too much comment and not enough news; it omits some important stories altogether, or reports them late (it's especially bad at obituries). It lives in its own little bubble of privately-educated types with a London lifestyle, where a pull-out called Family can consist entirely of articles about single mothers, gay dads, children with learning difficulties and alternative health/nutrition/education systems for the kids of people who are far wealthier than I am but think they're on the breadline. Even the letters pages, with their unamusing puns, are generally useless. The technology reporting is often very good, but they don't give it enough coverage; also half the time it appears, it has some social commentry spin to it: you start reading an article about stem cells or something but by the end it's about deprivation or women or government cuts.

No thank you. I'll keep getting it at the weekend, but during the week I'll stick with the BBC and The Economist. I don't want to pay £1.20 a day to read other people's bad blogs.

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