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2:44pm on Monday, 9th May, 2011:

Wasted Journey


I received an email from the university at 11:19 this morning. Here's what it said:

Subject: BE885 Examination Scripts....
....are now in my office for you to collect. These are due to be returned Tuesday (10th May) marked and checked. Please ensure you collect these today.

OK, so BE885 is another lecturer's module; I merely have to check that this other lecturer has added up all the numbers correctly.

Well I did have some other work to do this afternoon from home, but as I have seven final-year project interviews tomorrow I thought I'd better go onto campus to pick up the scripts. Off I went.

Hmm. It transpired that the email was directed mainly at the person marking the scripts. I was merely CCed. If I'd read the header instead of the contents of the header, I would have noticed that. I did read the header, of course, because it had part of the message in it; however, I only read that part of the header.

That was rather a wasted journey, then.

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