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6:30pm on Saturday, 9th April, 2011:

Maybe Not...


Having finished with Rift, I decided to install one of the PC games that has been waiting patiently in the pile. On the top was the role-playing game, The Witcher.


What is it with RPGs these days? It feels more like a small game connecting cut scenes than small cut scenes connecting a game. I don't particularly like the central character I'm supposed to be playing as, and he keeps doing things I don't want him to do (eg. when I had wait around a bit with his girlfriend after just bringing her back from the brink of death with a potion, I wasn't expecting him to make out with her) (accompanied by a picture of her with a cat over her groin — thanks for the visual pun, guys).

I think maybe I'll come back to The Witcher a bit later and install something else to play instead...

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