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10:55pm on Wednesday, 9th March, 2011:



The flight landed a little late, but with no security checks at the US end I was able to walk straight to a taxi and take the 2-mile trip to the hotel. Cost: $15. I think I may have been ripped off...

I've never been to Boston before to stay, although I have changed flights at the airport. I was coming back from GenCon in the 1990s and my flight involved a 2-hour layover. The flight from Milwaukee arrived late, I had to change terminals (which wasn't trivial — it involved a bus ride) and although I made it, my luggage didn't. Virgin tracked it down and delivered it to my house a couiple of weeks later. That's one of the reasons why I try to avoid having luggage to check when I travel these days.

The flight over to Boston today wasn't too bad. They actually had a choice of food, so I was able to avoid the chicken (which I don't like) and get the "pasta bolognese" instead. After a few mouthfulls, I began to wish I'd been able to avoid that, too. Still, the cookies that cake with it were nice.

The slight attendant making the announcements had a lisp. When she said "It is illegal to smoke on this flight; it is an offence to tamper with the smoke detectors" I began to wonder if she'd been given the announcer's job as some kind of cruel prank.

Anyway, I had two seats to myself, and that's what made it a good flight.

Now to go and socialise at the pre-conference dinner...

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