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2:55pm on Wednesday, 9th February, 2011:

There's Half an Hour Gone


The workmen we have in at the moment wanted to switch off the power to the kitchen, and warned me that I might lose it in the office, too.

Well, that's OK, I have an uninterruptable power supply that gives me another 2 minutes to close down my PC if the power does go. Sure enough, the power did go, and sure enough, my UPS cut in and stopped my computer dying while I shut it down.

Infortunately, when I told it to shut down, I got a message telling me it was installing update 1 of 11 and warned me that I should not switch off my computer. Yes, just what you want to see when you know there's only about 30 seconds of power left before it cuts out.

It wouldn't reboot normally. I had to run some kind of repair system reboot, which claimed it didn't work but seems to have got me this far, anyway. It wasn't the quickest of processes, either...

Damn. There's half an hour gone. Now where was I?

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