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9:43am on Thursday, 8th September, 2011:

Polish Fudge


Yesterday, my younger daughter was at a loss for what she wanted to eat in the evening, so we went to Sainsbury's to see what they had. While walking down the foreign food aisle (I think they call it "world food" or something) we passed a section for Poland. There didn't used to be these in UK supermarkets, but we got so many Poles coming over following Poland's accession to the EU that supermarkets started adding a Poland section so they could buy a taste of home.

I'd past this section before and tried out some of the things there because they looked a bit new, interesting and unlikely to contain lethal doses of spices (unlike much of the other foods in that aisle). I'd had some misses, but a hit in the form of some biscuits. I asked my daughter if she fancied some more of the biscuits and she said she wasn't as big a fan of them as she first thought. That's when I spotted the fudge.

I like fudge, my daughter likes fudge, my wife likes fudge. Polish fudge? OK, let's give it a shot — see if these Eastern Europeans know how to makes the stuff.

Well, they do. That has to be the best vanilla fudge I've ever had, including stuff made before your eyes in speciality shops and at craft fairs. It's got a crusty outside that gives way to a more caramel-consistency centre, and it tastes amazing! I've no idea why Poland would be a major force in fudge manufacturing, but I'm not complaining — they've got my vote.

Unfortunately, the stuff is very moreish. You eat one and you want to eat another right away. It's not as moreish as Clarnico Mints, which also have a sugary crust and a runnier centre but are slightly more satisfying to bite. Nevertheless, I could have eaten the whole packet in fifteen minutes if my daughter hadn't been there to stop me (and I her).

I'm so getting another packet next time I'm at Sainsbury's. Diabetes, here I come!

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