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4:43pm on Friday, 8th July, 2011:

Where I Work #20


Continuing the occasional series...

Next to the lower computer games shelf is my PC:

Hmm, perhaps I should have dusted it before I took the photo...

I got this PC last year. I specified it online, going for the quietest components I could find (except for the hard drive, which I could have got quieter but it would have cost me some space, and also my life should my wife have discovered the price tag). At the moment, the hard drive isn't making any noise at all, which is pleasing; normally it's beavering away indexing itself or destroying viruses or simply trying to bug me.

There are four USB ports on the front there, but two of them don't work. I think they perhaps did work but blew when I removed a USB hard drive without telling Windows 7 I was going to do it (which I did mainly because Windows 7 refused to read it or even recognise its existence). Two other slots there I've never used but would almost certainly need to use them if I didn't have them. There's also the mic and headphone socket I use when I speak to people using VoIP. I don't use the headset the whole time because it squashes my ears and starts to hurt after an hour or so. My usual headset, as you can see, it lying on top. This is what I put on when there's some sound coming out of my computer I want to listen to, or some sound coming out of the rest of the world that I don't want to listen to. I tied the cable up so I don't accidentally pull over my amplifier (into which it's plugged) if I reach for something while wearing the headset. The cable has a propensity to twist no matter how careful I am to put the headset down the same way I picked it up and wore it; I think there's some kind of space-folding microscopic black hole somewhere in the vicinity.

Occasionally, the PC just switches itself off with no warning, invariably when I'm using a program that doesn't keep automatic backups (like my QBlog software — if it did it now I would be more than a little cross). I think it may be an overheating thing, because when I take the side panel off it stops doing it. That said, it did it when we had no heating in the house last winter, so perhaps not.

So that's my computer.

I can actually skip the next thing I would ordinarily have told you about, as I already showed you it: it's the 1869 map of Europe I have framed and hanging on my wall a metre or so above my PC. So, next time I'll tell you about what's on the wall to the right of the map: my clock.

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