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6:44pm on Wednesday, 8th June, 2011:

Out of Date


Seen in the window of the QD shop in Colchester:

If you're going to stencil Christmas trees and snowmen on your window, make sure you use something you can get off once the festive season has ended.

When my younger daughter went to the dentist last week, I got to sit in the waiting room reading a football annual from about 1971 that was in the pile of literature to keep parents amused as their infants scream with pain. I don't think they bought it in to pander to nostalgia, I think it's actually been there since 1971. Anyway, one of the features inside was a series of photographs showing a George Best goal, which is about the best they could before Youtube came along three decades later. Here's the opening to that piece:

A nice reminder that an inability to distinguish between its and it's is not a modern educational failing...

Yes, I did just empty my mobile of some pictures I'd had kicking around on it for a bit, why do you ask?

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