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1:24pm on Monday, 7th November, 2011:

From our Science Correspondent


I read a piece in The Guardian this morning about the news that Earth is not about to be hit by asteroid Yu55. I'm not quite sure why this is news, given that the number of huge rocks in the universe that aren't going to hit Earth is larger than the number of atoms comprising the entore planet, but hey, I don't write the newspapers, I just read them.

Of course, if I did write them, I wouldn't write things like this:

Several thousand megatonnes? So, that would be several gigatonnes, then. I suppose I should be grateful they didn't say several million kilotonnes.

In other news, I may not have got around to cancelling The Guardian yet but I did take the cellophane wrappers off my many sealed packs of playing cards, on the basis that some of said wrappers were perishing and could damage the cards inside if left to their own devices.

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