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8:33am on Wednesday, 5th October, 2011:



In the news section of Edge yesterday, they announced the speakers at the up-coming Games for Brands event. I was one of the people they named as a speaker. Edge readers could get £100 off the attendance fee by quoting the code edge100.

For those of you wondering how I can both attend the Games for Brands event on 27th October and teach CE317 for three hours in the middle of the same day: I'm not speaking at Games for Brands. When I originally agreed to speak, I explicitly stated that I couldn't confirm until the University Timetable Office produced its timetable. The event is too close to the start of term to reschedule my teaching, so any clash would mean I'd be unable to attend. When the definitive timetable finally did appear last month, I found I was indeed teaching on the Thursday (a lecture and a 2-hour lab) so I reluctantly had to withdraw. As I'd warned the organisers that this might happen, they were prepared for it and were able to adjust their schedules.

Sadly, this information doesn't appear to have made it to their web site. As a result, the various news sites mentioning the event (Edge isn't the only one) aren't aware of it and keep saying I'm speaking. I don't suppose anyone is spending several hundred quid to attend the event purely because they want to hear what I have to say about games and brands, but if they are, well, they're not going to do so.

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