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4:10pm on Saturday, 4th June, 2011:



We went to the Medieval Festival in Colchester today. A May during which it barely rained meant the ground was pleasantly dry, unlike the default. There was the usual assumption among stall-holders that people in medieval times were all heavily tattooed (despite the fact that in reality they were banned because of their connection with paganism). There was also the touching belief that to make a word medieval all you have to do is insert a Y in it, as splendidly exemplified by this handout I picked up:

I was disappointed to discover that none of the many craft shops there were selling medieval Kindle bags. I was hoping to get one to keep mine safe, assuming it survives contact with my mother.

Still, we got the rhubarb fudge we wanted, so all was well. I'm not used to having to queue for 15 minutes to buy fudge, mind you; that was one popular fudge stall...

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