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3:35pm on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2011:

Random Pictures


I've got around to removing the photos from my mobile phone that I've accumulated since the last time I did it.

This is what the university looked like the day after the student end-of-exams party:

That was representative of everywhere that the cleaners hadn't been yet. It was as if the concept of a subbish bin had not been invented. Where the cleaners had been, it looked like this:

I suspect alcohol may have played a major part in this event...

The university now has these signs up telling you where you are and where other things are. They're great! Here's one:

Except, well, here's another:

You maybe can't read that as well, but it also says LECTURE THEATRE on it. There are several signs that say that. The Sports Centre is the same: it's surrounded by SPORTS CENTRE signs. If you were to agree to meet someone at the SPORTS CENTRE sign, it's actually only a SPORTS CENTRE sign; they could well be standing at a different one that you can't see.

My younger daughter has the same level of artistic talent as me, which is to say none. She took a paint-by-numbers with her to my mother's a few weeks ago and this was the result:

It was supposed to be a dog, but she messed it up.

My elder daughter, on the other hand, seems to have struck lucky with the painting genes and had this on her desk when we visited last month:

That doesn't look like a dog either, but I think it's meant to be a blue rose on some kind of blue and orange swirly background.

The chip shop we usually visit has this guy asking for donations:

Last time I saw eyes like that they were on an Egyptian sarcophagus.

This is for the benefit of those people who think that if an English word ends in S then you should add just an apostrophe to it when indicating possession:

The rule is that you apostrophe S as normal when it's actually pronounced. Not that this sign is perfect, of course — it still makes the same abbreviation/contraction mistake that every street sign designer in the country seems to find irresistible.

This is outside my friend Frank's house in London:

I think there may be a water main down there somewhere.

Big hay wolf!

What kind of rubbish would you expect to find on one of the pontoon supports of Hungerford footbridge in London?

Yes, that's right, dozens of broken skateboards:

I've mentioned before the ongoing battle between the Tea Rose Café and Nibbles in Colchester, in which they vie to put up more boards than each other. Now, they've put up a shared one:

When both are identified by having way too many boards outside them, it's an easy mistake to make.

Finally, as a bookend to match the student excesses with which I began this post, here's a bunch of them wearing their degree robes:

I've no idea who they are, but some of mine are probably in there somewhere...

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