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4:33pm on Sunday, 3rd July, 2011:

Testing my Luck on the Kindle


Having had absolutely no joy getting an agent to pitch my young adult novel to a publisher, I finally cracked and published it myself on the Kindle. You can buy it for a whole 71p ($1.13) here. If it doesn't get any traction, I'll keep raising the price until it does.

There's a web site associated with the book at theknightsofsaintjudas.com. Yes, I spent more on buying a domain name than I'll ever make from the book, but hey, you could be a famous movie-maker looking for a Victorian superheroes novel to adapt, so let's be optimistic.

Oh, I changed the book's name to avoid scaring middle America: it's now called Lizzie Lott's Sovereign rather than The Knights of Saint Judas. Hmm, perhaps I should change the descriptive text so it doesn't mention she's a barmaid, too?

Go on, Kindle owners, you can afford 71p to support the work of an impoverished author...

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