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5:00pm on Tuesday, 3rd May, 2011:



The Essex University student newspaper is called The Rabbit. Because students come and go, the editors don't tend to last more than a year or two before they finish their degree and leave. This is why the current issue of The Rabbit contains the following:

Hmm, except that should be "year's", there should be no comma before the "and" and no vertical bar between "the" and "Rabbit" (although putting those two words in quotes or italics would be nice). If that's the kind of editing we can expect next year, I look forward to a trove of unintendedly comical articles. Not that this year's editor was much better, of course, given headlines like this:

Oh, another handy hint for the new editor is that newspapers and so on normally use the word "chief" in job titles, rather than "head". This is because people tend to read the word "head" as a noun, rather than an adjective. Thus, what happens when we see a job advert like this?

"Hey, I'm good at designing heads! Maybe I should apply?"

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