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12:24am on Friday, 1st July, 2011:

A Night at the Theatre


Well that was an entertaining, if somewhat surreal, evening.

We were invited to the Awards Ceremony attached to the Gamelab conference. This was set in a classy old theatre, and hosted by an extremely famous and well-liked Spanish comedian of whom, naturally, I have never heard before. He seemed to have the same kind of stature as, say , Eddie Izzard might have in the UK. The Spaniards were astonished and very impressed that he was there, anyway.

The Spanish was translated by an absolutely superb translator. She came up to us afterwards to apologise for not having been able to prepare, just after we'd been commenting to one another how great she was. In one instance, a major award given to Hideo Kojima was accepted in Japanese which was translated into Spanish by someone on stage. Our English translation came so quickly it sounded as if she was translating from the Japanese, but when I asked her she said no, she doesn't speak Japanese and was translating from the Spanish. It was remarkable.

Peter Molyneux won another legend award to add to his collection. The game awards were dominated by Castlevania, which won every category in which it was entered (maybe 8 or 10 of them).

The weirdest moment came when the first entry into the games Hall of Fame was announced. The idea is that a work of art is created to celebrate each winner, and that these will build up over the years to form a collection — a nice, inspired decision in my view. Except, well, here's the first entrant into the Hall of Fame:

It's Zelda, out of The Legend of Zelda. You could tell that, right?

Anyway, the evening finished and there was a cocktail party but I headed back to the hotel because cocktails have alcohol in them and I don't. It was a fun evening, anyway!

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