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6:19pm on Sunday, 31st October, 2010:

Product Idea


My dad gave me some sets of playing cards he had, knowing I collect them. He has dozens of sets of his own, of course (what, you thought I got my love of games from out of nowhere?), and showed me some.

One of these was from Ireland, which he'd bought when he was on holiday there a few years ago. It was just a regular scenic deck, but I figured that if someone wanted to sell a lot more novelty decks to tourists, all they'd have to do would be to make every single card in the pack be a joker.

Hey, if people think your entire country is populated by permanently jolly folk who all have an idiosyncratic, off-the-wall sense of humour, you may as well make some money off it. So there you go, Irish entrepreneurs, my gift to you: sell packs of Irish playing cards consisting of 52 jokers ("plus two jokers").

I'm back home now and am once again too cold to type coherently, by the way...

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