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4:12pm on Wednesday, 30th June, 2010:

Three Pictures


I emptied my mobile phone of pictures today. I tend to leave it a while before doing it these days, as it's a pain to get them off (Samsung's software doesn't work with Windows 7 so I have to move pictures to the memory card then take the memory card out and stick it in my PC). Anyway, the exercise resulted in three photos I can pass off as today's QBlog entry.

Here's the first, of Colchester Castle Park during this year's Medieval Festival:

This year we had grass to walk on instead of the usual mud, which was more convivial even though it was baking hot (it took place on the day I bussed it to Heathrow). Quite why so many people running stalls in a Medieval Festival seem to sport tattoos, piercings and charcoal eyeshadow isn't apparent, but hey, if they sell rhubarb-flavoured fudge I'm not complaining.

Next up, here's a picture of a shelf in Sainsbury's:

Those are jars of Barry Norman's Pickled Onions. They are standing where, for the previous ten years, there used to stand Baxter's Crinkle-Cut Beetroot. I like Baxter's Crinkle-Cut Beetroot, but Sainsbury's have suddenly stopped stocking it. First they stopped stocking my elder daughter's Del Monte Orange Juice, then they stopped stocking my younger daughter's Robinson's High-Juice Orange Squash, then they stopped stocking my wife's Ocean Spray Cranberry and Blueberru Juice, and now they've stopped stocking my Baxter's Crinkle-Cut Beetroot. They don't have any Baxter's Straight-Cut Beetroot either, just their own brand plus Hayward's, neither of which have the same bite that Baxter's Crinkle-Cut Beetroot has. Obviously, the demand for pickled onions endorsed by celebrity film critics is too strong for them to resist. Curse their damned hides!

Finally, here's a bin lorry in Colchester:

Who knew bin lorries had personalised number plates?

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