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5:08pm on Saturday, 30th January, 2010:

Where I Work #14


Continuing the occasional series...

The bottom of the cabinet to my left looks like this:

Well, it does when I don't open it. That's the bin I usually use (one of two bins in my office); its contents are mainly bits and pieces that I can't recycle or that are scraps of paper I can't be bothered to walk to the garage with where we keep our recycling pile. At the top there, for example, is the wrapping of a bar of huckleberry-filled chocolate that I didn't recycle because it got huckleberry fondant on it that I licked off. Yeah, used tissues and other assorted ghastliness goes in there, too. It usually gets emptied once a week.

Anyway, behind the bin is the cupboard, and this is what's inside it:

The box to the left and the black box on top of it contain materials to do with a game, Sopera, that I co-wrote with Bridgette Patrovsky and Andy Bain. It's a game system that can be adapted to multiple genres and has a collectible card game mechanic (but not one that breaks any patents) and works as a casual storytelling RPG. It's very flexible; I use it in my game design course as an assignment. It has such huge potential that Bridgette, Andy and I set up a company to hold its IP.

The paperwork for this company, Sopera Ltd., is kept in the pile on the right of the shelf. The red box at the top has a bunch of pictures in it cut out of Dragon in the late 1990s, which I was going to use as place-holder art for a Fantasy version of Sopera that I never wrote. Last time I looked in it was maybe 10 years ago when my elder daughter wanted some Fantasy pictures for a project she was doing at school.

The middle box, betweem the two Sopera-related piles, is where I keep my US Letter sized paper. It has some card stock in there, too, and some film-industry standard brads for when I print off movie scripts. Underneath it are some design documents from consultancies that I've done (the companies folded before I could return them; given their content, this is not always entirely surprising). The bottom one, in the blue folder, is all that's left of the game Hotel Blue Heights that I worked on 10 years ago at Wireplay, which falls into the same category.

Phew, that's the end of that cupboard at last. Next time, I can start on the third and final shelf unit to my left, which is even more uninteresting than this one...

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