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3:56pm on Monday, 29th November, 2010:

Gas Fires Give Bedroom Comfort


I mentioned last week that I'd bought a job lot of incomplete playing cards for my students to make games out of (well, next year's students perhaps — actually the faces of many of the cards are so grubby that I feel I have to wash my hands after holding them). I also threatened to show you the backs of the more interesting ones.

Well, I'm now making good on that threat. Here they are:

I have two partial packs of the Gaymer's Cider ones (the other is yellow); I also have a blue Johnny Walker and a blue Gas Fires, too. The one that looks like Eros is actually Bacchante, the emblem used by Tolly Cobbold on their beers.

I wish I had a full pack of the cards in the top-right corner — they're gorgeous. I'm missing the 6H, AC, 2D and 4S, though. The pack in the bottom-right corner is the only complete one of the 23 I bought; it shows scenes from British Colombia on the individual cards. Here's an example, along with the Joker (as this has the information on it):

I don't know how old the cards are, but the Stoney Creek Bridge there had a second set of arches added to it in 1929, so the picture was taken before then.

Now to go wash my hands...

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