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6:00pm on Sunday, 29th August, 2010:

Making a Meal of it


Having decided to go out for lunch to celebrate our younger daughter's exam results, we thought it would be nice to try somewhere new. I looked in the Yellow Pages and spotted this piece of old-fashioned search-engine optimisation:

The pub is The Cricketers, but those spurious leading As get it the prized first slot in the listings... I found another approach in the Thompson Local directory:

The room may be green, but its owners aren't — doubling their exposure by a simple juggling of the definite article.

Neither directory had much in it, so my wife spent an hour and a half on the Internet seeking alternatives instead. She didn't find anything she liked the look of there, either, at least not that wasn't already booked up. Worse, she hits search engines so hard that I'll be seeing restaurant ads on every page I visit for the next three days (which is how long I was looking at kettle ads following her last piece of research).

Oh well, Frankie & Benny's it is, then.

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