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4:35pm on Tuesday, 28th September, 2010:

Uncivilised Behaviour


Hmm, it transpires that my problems with Civilization V may be compounded by a bug decreeing that every time you load the game from a save file, the next save it makes is bigger by several hundred kilibytes. This is even if you do nothing other than save and reload. The difference is accounted for by tens of thousands of repetitions of FINAL_RELEASE200405.

OK, so I guess I'll be saving game 2 until they fix it, too. A shame, I got as far as the late 1800s this time before it hung on me. I wouldn't care, but I didn't actually do all that many saves until it started to crash, whereupon I did it as a precaution.

I'll play on a smaller map; hopefully that way I'll get to finish a game before I go to Austin next week...

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