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12:25pm on Sunday, 26th December, 2010:

Christmas Sunday


When I was a kid, the day that followed Christmas Day was known as Boxing day except in one particular case: when Christmas Day fell on a Saturday, then the next day was called Christmas Sunday and the day after that was Boxing Day. I distinctly remember the Sunday Mirror newspaper having a masthead saying Christmas Sunday Mirror, and the next day's Daily Mirror having one saying Boxing Day Mirror.

These days, there doesn't seem to be a concept of Christmas Sunday any more, and Boxing Day has been nailed down to be the 26th December come what may. Wikipedia, which numbers numerous pedants like me among its contributors, does recognise that Boxing Day is a moveable feast, however most of the country seems to default to ignorance. Even institutions that should know better such as the BBC seem to go with the flow rather than hold the line.

I bet people still expect to have Monday off work as their Boxing Day bank holiday, though...

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