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6:01pm on Tuesday, 26th October, 2010:

Power Flushed


Well, our heating is still off.

The plumber came today, dismantled the boiler, cleaned out the bits that needed cleaning out, then ran three power flushes through our radiator system. The heating still doesn't work. What happens is that the boiler heats up the radiator water but doesn't push it through. The radiator pipe warms up for about a metre, but then it stops because the thermostat (correctly) determines that the radiator water is hot enough and cuts out. It is hot enough, but only that one section of it.

If you ask me, it's the pump that's the problem. I don't know what exactly it does for the hot water, but I do know that it has a valve inside it that switches between pushing radiator water round and doing whatever it does for the hot water. If the valve were stuck, we'd get hot water but not hot radiators.

The plumber hadn't thought of this. When I asked him, he said yes, actually it was a strong possibility.

This is why I'm a programmer and he's a plumber.

However, he said that to check he'd have to dismantle the boiler again and take the pump to pieces, then order a new one if that were indeed the issue. Really, we need a new boiler.

This is why he's wealthy and I'm not.

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