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9:39am on Tuesday, 26th January, 2010:

Weather Symbols


Last week, GMTV replaced its old weather graphics with new ones.

I don't like them.

I didn't like the old ones much either, but these are worse. The clouds in the symbol for rain, for example, look like a pile of coal:

The graphics don't make meteorological sense, either. This is the one for cloudy spells:

OK, so the sun is behind the clouds, fair enough. How come the clouds have shadows on them, then? Shouldn't the entire cloud be in shadow?

This is the graphic for the sun itself:

Note how the nice use of a spectral point on the surface gives you the impression that the sun is a sphere rather than a disc. OK, so it is basically a sphere, but what light is shining on it to give it the reflection?

Here's the summary chart:

It's still giving the weather for the Republic of Ireland while managing to omit France from the picture entirely. Channel Islanders don't get to find out their weather, either.

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