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9:56am on Tuesday, 24th August, 2010:

Bad Pun


Sometimes when I read the local paper, the headlines are so forced as to be distracting. I know sub-editors like to put puns in wherever possible, but the way they convolute the circumstances so as to dredge word-play out of them can be very irritating. Football matches that are lost when someone scores a penalty are invariably headlined "<someone> pays the penalty", for example.

National newspaper are not above this, but they occasionally have the added bite of a complete disassociation with reality. This was in today's Daily Mirror:

A guy gets eaten by a bear, and they make a pun on it? It KILLED him! Some poor family is mourning his loss, and the Mirror reports it with a light-hearted headline.

Write too many headlines and you start objectifying the news, I guess.

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