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5:22pm on Monday, 24th May, 2010:

Right Looks


For men who work in business, academia or the creative industries, deciding what to wear is easy: if you work in business, you wear a suit; if you work in academia, you wear a jacket; if you work in the creative industries, you don't wear either.

Interestingly, for the first day of mixed events you rotate. I was at the Immersion conference at UK Trade & Investment today and the academics (me included) wore suits, the creative industry people wore jackets and the business guys wore shirtsleeves.

I've no idea why this is so, but then I don't have to know; all I have to do is wear a suit the first day of any events I got to and I'm set.

I sat at the same table as Ian Livingstone while I was there, and we got to reminiscing about the time 30 years ago that he and Steve Jackson came to Essex University to have a look at MUD. He said I looked the same now as I did back then.

Hmm, well that certainly goes some way to explaining why I had no success with women in those days.

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