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3:28pm on Friday, 23rd July, 2010:

Polish Hotel


We went to the Vatican today, but didn't see any popes.

The hotel we're saying at seems to be Polish. The maids all speak Polish to each other, as do most of the people on the front desk. I'd have put it down to another example of enterprising Eastern Europeans moving around the EU looking for work, but there are so many Poles here that it can't be a coincidence.

Also,there's a plaque on the wall, half in Polish, half in English. Here's the English half:

My first reaction was that the word "immigrated" should be "emigrated". However, this observation paled when I read that placename there:

Oh wow! Eight consonants in a row, that is impressive.

I guess it explains the Polish connection in a roundabout way.

It still doesn't explain why I didn't see any Popes at the Vatican, though. I bet if Disney ran the show I would have...

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