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12:19pm on Saturday, 23rd January, 2010:

Night Note


Earlier in the week, I thought of something just as I was going to sleep.

This is a dangerous time for thinking things, because it's the one occasion where I can't set anything up to remember what it was I was thinking. Sure enough, come the morning, I remembered that I had thought of something, remembered that it was something I'd considered so obvious that it was impossible for me to forget it, but did not remember what it was. I knew that I would recognise it should I be presented with it, but I didn't have any sense of what it "felt" like. Without that, it's like trying to follow someone's tracks in the snow when they were travelling by hang glider.

A couple of days later, I had the same idea I'd had at night, basically for the same reasons I'd had it then. Fortunately, it was indeed obvious.

Anyway, last night I got into bed and thought of three things. I've got better at remembering going-to-sleep ideas as I've got older, but having had the experience earlier in the week I thought I should take the precaution of writing it down. For this express purpose, I keep under my bed a pen and a pad, so I got it out and wrote (in the dark) what my ideas were.

My growing success at remembering falling-asleep ideas meant that I hadn't used my pen and pad for at least two years. I therefore scribbled a bit to get the ink running, and then wrote down what I was thinking.

Come the morning, I remembered the things I'd written down anyway. Such is the way of precautions... This is just as well, because as it happened the pen's ink was more dried up than I thought it was. These are the only marks I actually made on the paper:

I do know what it says, though. Just so you can treat it as a puzzle, I'll tell you tomorrow...

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