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8:59am on Thursday, 22nd July, 2010:

American Tourists


Snippets of overheard conversation:

At the Forum: "It's incredible that these guys were building aqueducts before Columbus discovered America!"

At the Trevi Fountain: "So why are these called the Spanish Steps?"

In a restaurant: "I don't want the Bolognese sauce, I want the meat sauce!"

In a restaurant: "Is that bread? Take it away, I'm allergic to bread."

In a restaurant (to son, holding a newly-bought figurine of an ancient Roman soldier): "He looks tough, he must have been a centaur."

Outside the Pantheon: "You can't smell pizza. Pizza doesn't have a smell."

In the Piazza Minerva:
(Tour Guide) "So here we have an elephant with an obelisk on its back."
(Tourist) "What a great idea!"

Sorry, Americans, I do know these people aren't entirely representative...

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