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8:56pm on Tuesday, 21st September, 2010:

Secure Passwords


I just set up an online account with nPower, so I can update my mother's electricity meter readings in the hope that they won't send her bills that increasingly oscillate between less than what she owes and more than what she owes.

The web site wanted me to provide a name and a password for my new account. I gave it one. It complained that my password had to be between 7 and 20 characters long and include at least one number and one letter.

Well it was. I tried again: it gave me the same error message.

I tried again, but this time didn't put in the dollar sign in the password. This time, it worked.

Oh great. I get told off for having an insecure password by a program that wants me to use one that's less secure than the one I entered.

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