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5:09pm on Sunday, 21st February, 2010:

Bulletproof Paper


Last time I needed a box of paper, I picked up a box of 2,500 sheets from Staples. Here's a ream from it:

Now this is really nice paper: shiny, silky and brilliant white. I'll probably try get another box of it when this lot runs out. The thing is, though, it's incredibly resistant to staples (which, given where I bought it, is rather ironic). I can staple half a dozen sheets together, but beyond that they put up a fight. This is using my long stapler, which is usually good for up to 50 sheets before it has trouble — and that's because of the staple length, not the stapler's delivery. On this paper, though, it struggles.

I've tried a number of ways round it, none of which work. Basically, if I want to use a staple on it then I have to waste one establishing where the holes will be, then hammer two panel pins into where the holes should be, then remove the panel pins and put a new staple in the holes. I then use pliers to flatten them at the back.

Even hammering in the panel pins is a pain. A wad of 30 sheets is tougher than plywood. I wouldn't want to try it, but a full ream could probably stop a bullet. Gawd knows what they do to it to get it like that. It's harder to tear than Australian dollar bills.

Hmm, maybe I'll try wetting it next time, that might do something.

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