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11:36am on Sunday, 19th December, 2010:

It Happened One Night


Yesterday, my younger daughter went to a birthday party at Aqua Springs (ie. Colchester swimming pool). From there she went to the house of the friend whose party it was. I was supposed to pick her up at 11pm.

However, between dropping her off and picking her up, this happened:

The party therefore turned into a sleepover...

The snow was quite deep in places. This is what it looked like where it had drifted against our back door:

On average, we seem to have got about 6 inches of it:

Anyway, the snow was so heavy that it knocked out our satellite dish, which meant my wife couldn't watch any of her usual programmes. Furthermore, she couldn't watch any of her recorded programmes because my younger daughter also wants to see them and my elder daughter has either already seen them or doesn't want to see them. The same applied to the DVD supply — except one: It Happened One Night, which I got for Christmas last year and have hitherto been unable to persuade anyone to yield the TV for me to see it. So desperate was my wife to watch something, she finally consented and I did at last get to see it. Yay!

I still don't know why it was called It Happened One Night, though.

We were supposed to be going to visit my wife's brother and his family today for lunch, but as I never managed to get above 20mph when I went to fetch my daughter from the party, and the car was incapable of ascending any incline without an unfettered run at it, we had to call it off. I took a risk going for my daughter, but it was either that or walk 5 miles with a bag with wellies in it and then walk 5 miles back. Still, if I'd left the car in the garage I wouldn't have seen this proud erection in snow overlooking the A12:

Ah, user-created content.

Didn't people used to smoke a lot in 1930s movies?

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