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7:07pm on Wednesday, 16th June, 2010:



I bought the Mount & Blade: Warbands follow-up to Mount & Blade a month or so on DVD. Unfortunately for me, it wanted to talk to Steam, and when it did it downloaded itself from there. That was a happy evening spent watching my Internet crawl. Anyway, one of the advantages of getting games online is that they are patched automatically. So it was that I spotted today that it had updated itself to version 1.123.

The first thing I noticed was that it had different pictures for wool cloth and linen cloth. Yay! That had been annoying me for ages.

The second thing I noticed was that the path-finding algorithm had got itself screwed up, and every so often I would get stuck when I moved. That wouldn't be more than an irritant except that it's not just me who gets stuck. The NPCs get stuck, too. Sadly for them, they don't know they're stuck. I'm therefore seeing things like this:

That's me at the front, unstuck. Every other character in the picture is stuck. If I came back in 5 minutes, they would still be there — except probably joined by a bunch of other lords and villagers running on the spot.

Even though I've been playing it for four or five hours a day for the past month or so, I suspect I may be waiting until there's another patch before I continue...

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