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5:07pm on Wednesday, 15th December, 2010:

Unexpected Delays


I went to the dentist today to have a post fitted in my upper left 3. Last time I was there, the dentist put in something to kill off bacteria. This time, she couldn't get it out. My 30-minute appointment went on for an hour before she cleared it. I have to go back next week. While she was poking around in my mouth, my left arm went completely numb. I think it was because of the way I was lying, but it's not really something you want to happen all that often...

When I got back, I finally decided to have a go at the cistern in the downstairs toilet, the flush of which has been playing up for the past week or so. It took me an hour to get the old flusher out. When I did, I discovered that a major valve at the bottom was the wrong way round. I switched it round, but this meant all the fixings were out of line so I had to drill new holes and move pipes around for it to fit. I got them all in line, switched back on the water, and watched as it shot out from the correctly-positioned valve. I think it's been in the wrong position for so long that the rubber has conformed to the wrong shape. Either way, I'll have to put it back how it was. That'll have to wait until tomorrow, so I can do it outside where the black gunk that my father-in-law used to stop it from leaking when it was the wrong way round won't get all over everything.

Delays, delays...

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