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5:09pm on Sunday, 14th November, 2010:



I think I'm finally getting over this cold I caught in Germany. Other than finding I had [WARNING! Ickiness alert!] snot the colour of egg yolk this morning, it's mainly a cough thing now. A couple more weeks and I'll be fine. I'm still a bit bunged up, though, so don't expect me to sound normal at tonight's The 1st Question, on which I'm a contestant in Second Life.

The power of the cold I had is evidenced by the fact my wife has caught it. She may catch all my colds for all we know, because her immune system is so efficient that it normally swats them aside without any evidence of her having been infected. This time, though, she has a definite sbeagig-wid-a-code edge to her voice. If German colds are so powerful that even my wife can catch them, well, it's amazing that the entire population of Germany isn't permanently wandering around with its pockets stuffed with paper tissues.

Oh well, back to marking assignments: 9 down, 17 more to go, half an hour to an hour each...

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