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8:05pm on Wednesday, 13th October, 2010:



One of the consequences of rescuing those miners from that mine in Chile is that newsreaders have to pronounce the word "Chile".

Prior to the accident, the pronunciation in the UK was universally the same as the word "chilly", however a few newsreaders here and there are saying "CHEElay". This is how Wikipedia pronounces it, but of course Wikipedia is American; otherwise it would be Wikipœidia. While I was in the USA, though, I noticed that the TV news presenters there called it either "CHEE-LAY" (stressing both syllables equally) or "SHElay", effecting some cod Spanish accent.

I only know one person from Chile, and he pronounced it "chilly"; thinking about it, though, I guess I could be hearing it that way after accounting for his accent, which of course I shouldn't be doing as that particular word that isn't in English.

Oh well, back to Civilization V. I managed to get to 1965 with game 4 before it started to hang on me.

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