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5:43pm on Friday, 12th November, 2010:

The Heat is On


We once again have a fully-functioning boiler here in the Bartle household. OK, so there's a heating engineer coming round on Monday to see why it makes a disturbing knocking sound, but for the moment the radiators are radiating and the cylinder is keeping our water nice and hot. We can wave goodbye to the days of having just one small gas fire in the main room to keep us warm.

Indeed, we can wave goodbye to them even if the new boiler packed up tomorrow. The heating engineers noticed that it used an old-style tap to turn it on and off, which they declared illegal. They're apparently required by law to disconnect any such abominations they see, so they did. Bah, they didn't do that when they spotted it ten years ago when we had the previous boiler installed...

They seem to know their onions, though, even if to my layman's eye it does appear that they have an unhealthy obsession with making pipework as unnecessarily convoluted as time will allow:

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