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10:26pm on Sunday, 12th September, 2010:

MUD Card


When we started running MUD commercially in the late 1980s, players bought accounts. Each account came with an account number, consisting of a letter followed by 8 numbers. I've no idea why, that's just what I was told they had to be. The numbers were embossed on plastic credit-card-sized cards, of which I still have several hundred in the attic. I think the account number format may have come from the people who embossed the cards; quite why we needed cards in the first place was never really fully explained...

Anyway, some of the cards weren't embossed. Don't ask me why, they just weren't. I have a box with about 350 of them in it. They look like this:

I thought I might take them with me to GDC Online when I present my talk there next month, and give them away for free. They might count as memorabilia or something — there can't be many MMO artefacts around over 20 years old. Then again, there can't be many people around who want them.

If no-one's interested, I suppose I could see about getting some made into business cards instead. I have a niggling feeling that this would Cost Money, though, so I expect I'll probably just put them back in the attic for another 20 years...

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