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6:48pm on Thursday, 11th February, 2010:

Giving and Receiving


I've worked on what we currently call virtual worlds for over thirty years, and in that time have received precisely one award. This means I can call myself an "award-winning designer", although when I tell them the name of the award ("first penguin") it rather loses its lustre. This is perhaps why these days, people get a "pioneer" award instead (although if it had been renamed on a strictly accurate basis it would be the "not dead yet" award).

Anyway, the reason I mention my almost total lack of recognition by the industry I helped found isn't because I'm bitter and twisted (well, I am bitter and twisted, just not about this); rather, it's because I've suddenly found myself on the other side of the equation. I'm on the committee for the new MMO Developers Awards being given out at this year's Looking for Group Expo. I've no idea what this entails nor who else is on the committee, but hey, that's probably a strength. Or something.

They say it's better to give than to receive; naturally, when it comes to awards (rather than disease) I'd like to do both, but that's not going to happen now, and one is better than neither.

I'm quite chuffed to be asked, to be honest, but if it turns out the other committee members are blokes lured off the street by promises of free beer and meat pies then I suppose my chuffedness could be short-lived....

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