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4:30pm on Wednesday, 10th November, 2010:

Exciting Times


It's possible we once more may have heating in the Bartle household. The plumber, heating engineer and electrician have been at work since Monday, and now all that needs to be done is for them to figure out why the thermostat is working backwards (so the heating only comes on once the temperature is that on the dial) we could be OK. Well, except for where the floorboards and carpets are up. Oh, and those two radiators they didn't notice when they put in the new radiator valves. Oh, and the chimney access door.

Why yes, we do have a chimney access door — don't you? It's in the garage. You open this little door about a foot square and you can show your chimney brushes up it a lot more easily than from the fireplace, and the mess all winds up in the garage, not the front room. Although we don't actually use the chimney, we have actually used the chimney access door once when a bird came down and brought a load of gunk with it — the chimney access door has a capture point behind it where most of what falls down the chimney ends up. It's a neat invention.

Here's our chimney access door:

Yes, our plumber managed to run the inflow and outflow pipes right over the top of it. He could have gone up or down by a metre with no problem, but he chose to go exactly there, right across our chimney access door.

You know, I suspect that even if we do have heating and hot water this evening, we may be getting the plumber round again shortly. Chances are, there's going to be something wrong...

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