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6:35am on Sunday, 10th October, 2010:



Our flight was granted permission to land at 5:45am, so here I am back in the UK, sitting on a Heathrow Express train. I'm now in the overweight half of the population again.

It was very difficult to get to sleep on the flight over, with every sense being assaulted serially. Two flight attendants coming past peddling duty free, the guy next to me switching his light on, something creaking in the overhead bins, unpleasant smells issuing from the guy across the aisle, someone walking past jogging my shoulder, the person behind me twanging my chair, a mobile phone alarm going off in someone's bag, the guy next to me sneezing violently, the guy next to me trying to pick something up he dropped, a seat belt warning, a flight attendant coming round with water, someone three or four rows ahead opening an everhead bin noisily, the guy next to me wanting to go to the toilet, two minutes of actual sleep, the guy coming back to sit next to me, the guy to my right switching his light on and powering up his laptop with the Windows jingle, the guy next to me listening to music through headphones so loudly I could hear it, ...

Just as well for me I don't get jet lag, otherwise I'd get jet lag. All those times I played Dungeons & Dragons for 48 hours straight without sleeping at all are now paying off...

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