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4:26pm on Tuesday, 10th August, 2010:

Phone Pictures


I went into Sainsbury's today and tried to get a better picture of the condom packet with an anti-microwave warning on it. Unfortunately it had been sold, and almost all of the remainder had regular "Security Protected" stickers on them — that is almost, though. A different one did have the extra message. Sadly, said message wasn't readable on any of the three pictures I took. Maybe next time I'll take in my camera instead of using my phone.

Anyway, when I was taking the failed images off my phone I did find two other pictures I'd taken.

This one was in ASDA in their cosmetics aisle:

Hmm, well I guess if you will leave lipsticks out marked "tester"...

This was in HMV:

Yes, A Quantum of Solace was a real barrel of laughs. HMV do have a habit of mislabelling displays, though, so I can't say I'm entirely surprised to have encountered this.

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