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5:48pm on Wednesday, 10th March, 2010:



Oh, here's something I haven't mentioned before: for some reason completely unknown to me, I have an excellent gaydar. Basically, I'll see or hear someone and out of nowhere will just know that they're gay. I don't ask to know it, and I don't seek to know it, I just suddenly know it. I have no idea how or why it happens, it just does. I noticed I was developing the ability in my late 20s, by which time I was married; I don't know if that has any bearing on it, but there you go.

When the signal goes off, I'm almost invariably right (at least I have been in cases where the result could be confirmed). That doesn't mean it goes off for every gay person that falls within its range, but it does trigger a lot quicker and a lot more often than it seems to for other people — even for some gay people. It's a bit annoying, actually, because the information is utterly useless to me: imagine what would happen if, every time you saw someone with red hair, suddenly you became aware that they were red-headed — that's how it is. Unless I were specifically wanting to discuss some matter of red-headedness with a redhead, why would I want an alert every time I spotted a redhead? Yet that's what happens with gay people. It's bizarre.

There are some limitations:

I mention this as a personal quirk that I can't help having and have no use for; I guess it could say something deep-rooted about my emotional attitude to homosexuality (which is basically DOES NOT COMPUTE), but actually I don't think this is the case — it's purely an observational thing. Hmm, I'll maybe explain what I mean some time in a post I've been intending to write for some time but have yet to get around to — look out for a future mention of bananas, fonts and Chinese women from behind...

Captain Jack — ping! But why?

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