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4:31pm on Friday, 9th April, 2010:

Signs of San Antonio


Here are some of the notices I've seen in my wanderings around downtown San Antonio.

This is on a building near the Alamo:

I love the way that in the centre of major American cities you get weird and wonderful one-off shops that it's amazing ever get enough customers to survive. The land they stand on ought to be worth more than the business. This is an arcade of shops selling antiques (for definitions of "antique" that stretch into the 1970s). Presumably, the word "sampler" is there to entice newbie collectors to enter their doors...

I wanted to go into this shop but they wouldn't loan me a child:

Everything's bigger in Texas! Even the hours are bigger!

Of course, if you're trying to buy clothes for size small daughters in shops that begin at size medium, "everything's bigger" isn't so great.

I know it's just missing an N, but it looks soo much friendlier without it:

This is Mad Dog's English pub. The picture is a little blurry but the sign says "Free Wi-Fi":

In an English pub? So much for authenticity...

This would be more persuasive if the shop didn't also sell drinks and snacks:

If you like Italian food, jazz and belly-dancing, this is the place for you:

I sense that this business lacks focus...

This is a huge mural near the market where all the Mexican Culture tourist shops are:

The guy in the wheelchair on the left has no legs. I never know with this kind of thing whether the people in it are real (so there was a guy with no legs involved in the creation of the mural) or whether it's being patronising ("here, people with no legs, look, you can pretend to be involved with projects that use ladders too!") or whether it's due to pressure from minorities ("you better goddam show some goddam guy with no goddam legs or we're gonna sue your goddam skins off"). Nice mural, though.

I only took this is a petty act of rebellion:

This was on the side of a rubbish skip:

I didn't realise Native Americans were still so persecuted...

I think the woman in this ad may have already partaken of some of the stock while in the shop:

You might want to move that poster that you stuck to the window, it's fallen down:

There was another sign I wanted to take, of a don't-cross-the-road red hand that looked like belonged to a 3-toed dinosaur, but I was crossing the road at the time so didn't want to stop and get splatted...

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