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8:13pm on Wednesday, 8th September, 2010:

Chip Shop Experiment


I went to Dr Chippy's chip shop in Colchester for lunch today.

Every time I eat there, it's my habit to order the same thing: fishcakes, chips, mushy peas and a pot of tea. Every time I eat there, it's their habit to serve me the same thing: fishcakes, chips and a pot of tea. They never remember the mushy peas. It doesn't matter who takes the order nor who brings it, I never get the peas unless I explicitly say "there should be some mushy peas with that".

Today, though, I thought I'd try an experiment. If they always forget the peas, what would happen if I ordered an extra item? Would they remember that and forget the mushy peas, or would they bring the mushy peas and forget the new item? To this end, I ordered fishcakes, chips, bread and butter, mushy peas and a pot of tea. I was curious to discover what would arrive.

I got fishcakes, chips and a pot of tea. I didn't remind them of the other two items, to see if they would remember. They didn't. Only when it came to paying did they read the order and try to charge me for the items they'd written down but not given me. Needless to say, I didn't pay for them and they didn't get a tip out of me, either.

If only their chips and fish cakes and pots of tea weren't so damned good.

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