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7:01am on Wednesday, 7th July, 2010:

This Should be Interesting


Because of a misunderstanding of how international time zones work, it seems that my talk in Germany this evening is before the football, not during it. There could therefore be people in the audience.

Also, my talks normally run to about 20 to 25 slides for 50 minuutes; tonight's runs to 42 slides for 15 minutes. There's no text in them, though, so I'm actually worried that I'll under-run. We shall see...

Reading the documentation, it appears that I also have to give a talk tomorrow. I knew I was on a panel, but I wasn't expecting to have to prepare anything. Oh well, I'll do that in my hotel room while everyone around me is engrossed in Germany's demolition of/by Spain.

I was in Germany during the Munich Olympics, you know...

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