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1:34pm on Wednesday, 6th October, 2010:



I bought some new pairs of socks to take with me to Austin — six pairs of them. They're the kind where they look normal above the ankle, but the heels and toes are colour-coded so you can match them up easily after they've been through the wash. I tried a pair out before I came here, to make sure they fitted; they passed muster, so I brought the rest along with me.

Unfortunately, the whole day I tried them out I spent in the house. I didn't go outside, which meant I didn't put on my shoes. The colour-coded parts are made of a slightly different material to the rest of the sock — a material that makes a squiffing noise when I walk. I spent two hours wandering around Austin yesterday afternoon, and every single step I took was accompanied by a squiff. Augh!

I have one ordinary pair of socks with me, which I was intended to wear on the flight home so nobody would laugh when I took my shoes off at the airport to reveal heels and toes in primary colours. However, I think I may use them on Thursday evening instead when I pick up my award (I did mention I was getting an award, didn't I?). Squiffing onto the stage is probably not the most dignified way to accept it...

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