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9:21am on Thursday, 6th May, 2010:

Vote Early, Vote Often


It's the General Election today, and I've just got back from casting my vote as to who will represent me in the Harwich and North East Essex constituency.

Here's the run-down of my choices:

United Kingdom Independence Party: Simon Anselmi. Nice independent UK name you have there, Simon.
Labour: Darren Barrenger. Make your mind up: either you want your first name to rhyme with your surname or you don't. Which is it to be?
Independent: Peter Thompson Bates. More letters in his name than he'll get votes.
Conservatives: Bernard Jenkin. Sorry to keep harping on about names, but his middle one is Christison.
Greens: Chris Fox. Single-syllable names for single-issue politics. Right on!
Liberal Democrats: James Raven. Chris Fox is a Reader in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Essex University. James Raven is a Professor in Modern History at Essex University. He therefore outranks Chris, but in a subject that's an oxymoron.
British National Party: Steve Robey. All the other candidates gave their full address. This one gave his as "in the Harwich and North East Essex constituency". I wonder if he sells beermats?

In the end, I went with Obama.

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