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2:03pm on Wednesday, 5th May, 2010:

Fired Up


I went to the university today to attend a course on fires.

Hmm. Well it wasn't so much a course as a 30-minute chat by the university's fire person. The purpose of the chat was to render the university unsuable in the event that one of us dies in a fire, and as such it was at about the level you'd give to 12-year-olds. I did learn something, though: 30% of fires are caused by arson, which is not the same as the 50% I was told the last time I went to one of these things; I therefore learned that they make these numbers up.

As every member of staff in the department had to attend either this talk or the one tomorrow, I was not alone in my education. Even Chris Fox had to attend, despite the fact that he's standing for parliament in tomorrow's election. That's how serious the university takes telling us we should under no circumstances use fire extinguishers unless we've been trained, because they're too complicated for our pretty little heads.

And here was me expecting to be told the procedure for evacuating a lecture should a fire alarm go off in the middle of one.

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