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10:30am on Monday, 5th April, 2010:



I'm away for the next week or so, for a double trip to the USA. First up is San Antonio, Texas, where I'm giving a public lecture and meeting the games students at Trinity University. They've been asked to think of some surprise questions to ask me, but thanks to the wonders of Google vanity searches I already found some of them online so know what to expect...

Next, I'm in Las Vegas, where I was supposed to be attending IMGDC except that it's off this year. Unfortunately, I was only told it was off after having been given categoric assurances that it was on; to save IMGDC (and themselves) money, Trinity agreed to fly me back from Las Vegas rather than San Antonio, and as a result I have 3 days in Las Vegas not attending IMGDC. Given that I don't gamble, this isn't quite the holiday it may sound... Luckily, though, I have some consultancy I can do while out there with people who love the idea of going to Las Vegas, so it's not entirely a wasted journey. As a consequence, I don't think I'll get to visit the Grand Canyon, though, which was something I had in mind.

Anyway, what this means is that QBlog will be updated patchily until my return. As usual, I will be blogging daily, just not necessarily updating the online version daily...

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